Monday, 30 July 2012

Chelsea Clinton Divorce – Continues To Spark:

Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky are the subject of the latest rumors prevailing in the World Wide Web, but most of the internet users are of the doubt whether the gossip regarding Chelsea Clinton Divorce really true. Here are some details:

According to most of the sources in the World Wide Web, Marc Mezvinsky left his spouse in the New York Apartment and has gone out of the state. Most of the people are confused whether it is just a short separation between the couple to offer them a breathing space or is it a permanent separation? Some of the sources like the National Enquirer have announced that the relationship between them is over and divorce gossip is true.

What is the problem with the couple, who got married just two years ago? The main problem between them is starting a family and they are not in a position to make a baby since they are living in different states and sources say that this would the reason for divorce between this young couple. On February 2011, it was commented in a web portal that Chelsea would be residing in their New York house, while Marc is heading towards Wyoming for spending three-months of vacation after quitting his investment banker job.

Some sources say that she was not in a position to join her husband because she was attending the Wagner School of Public Service of New York University for doing their Ph. D in Public Policy. Sources say that these three months of separation between the couple would have sown the seed for their divorce.

When their marriage life was six months old, a website specified that their marriage is on the rocks, but it should be remembered that
wherever there are celebrities, there will be rumors and internet being the fastest means of communication these days, Chelsea Clinton Divorce matter spread as a forest fire and this might also be rumor.

Chelsea and Marc fell in love with each other when they were teenagers and their love developed as their grew thereby resulting in their marriage. Their love story came in as a wonderful heartwarming story and with such a love and affection each one has for the other, small misunderstandings should not lead to breaking up of a wonderful relationship.

So, let us wait and watch and we shall also pray that their wonderful love relationship, which turned to be a marriage relationship, should never break.

The most popular personality in the United States, Chelsea Clinton Divorce rumors continue to surface, but the couple continues to deny the allegations. But America is still asking is chelsea clinton getting a divorce with Marc Mezvinsky.